POYO Mats in The 18th International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition was Successfu

Summary:This action begins with the article that is to be cast. An artisan creates a carve from adobe or wax as these substances abide soft.

Exhibition time: March 22-24, 2015

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

March of Shanghai suddenly the spring has been quietly to.

Every beginning is always pregnant with new hope and possible... innovation, green, environmental protection is the new concept of modern home, home like a spring-like, warm. By this trip will be the spring of 2015, the 17th China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition again set sail, with innovative ideas, green products, environmental point of view, for you to open the new home spring tour...March 22, the 17th China International Ground Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center grand. China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition is the Asia-Pacific region's most authoritative industry trade show, attracting the attention of the global flooring industry, is to understand the industry, display products, establish a brand image of the important business platform. In this exhibition, POYO mat take partwith the theme"love every step • win the glory cooperation" theme exhibitors, with a unique new concept of the unique interpretation of the unique brand charm.

In this exhibition, Poyo mat make a original design for exhibition hall with the use of artistic decoration atmosphere, so that the exhibition hall become glamorous, eye-catching, and naturally brought together the strong popularity.

Innovation, health, characteristics, professional is the source of the brand to the consumer's overall impression. At the show, the garden mats brought the flocking, granule non-woven, SBR, NR, indoor and outdoor rubbing mats and other products, and show the latest launch of the indoor anti-fatigue pad and outdoor art pad two series New products, new products will be in April to the market listing plan, can be described as bright spot frequency now. In the production process, the source of the mat will be the industry's leading level of thermal transfer process used in mat products, compared with the traditional mats, has obvious advantages, colorful, beautifully designed, durable, and have the only one of the most advanced flocking production lines and finishing equipment, in accordance with market demand to develop a high technological content, innovative and practical products, leading the development trend of the industry.

Poyo mats expand from the "management" to "service" role across the change, open up the functional departments and production, business sector between the access, improve the service standards, market-oriented, product as a leader, the channel as the core, shaping the high quality service efficiency marketing team. During the three days of the exhibition, Poyo mats marketing team to gifted, high enthusiasm and dealers to negotiate, and business partners to provide multi-dimensional value-added services, to achieve multi-win and win-win cooperation.

I believe that through this exhibition, there will be more consumers understand Bohan handicrafts, pay attention to Poyo mats, we will also adhere to the "heart care every step" brand concept to serve customers, build more efficient, more intimate service system, Won the market recognition.

In order to enhance the brand influence, this exhibition will bring a series of preferential 

policies if you would like to continue to understand the products and preferential policies of the source mats. Please call 0574-63077016; sincerely welcome your call!1.jpg

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