Why Choose Us


Safe and non-toxic

Bacteria, fungi antibacterial rate of 98%, with excellent mites

Comfortable feelings

Skin-friendly soft, moisture breathable, pure natural without stimulation
Purify the dust
Can instantly lock the small dust, super scenic spots adsorption capacity
Clean anti-fouling
Adsorption more than 7 times the weight of their own moisture, feel super soft
Lasting color
After exquisite craftsmanship, hygroscopic effects are more than ordinary carpets
Soft and non-slip
Powerful water absorption, anti-dust and anti-skid ability, become the protection God of home

Strong protection
Poyo has a strong R & D design team with strong core technology and technological innovation advantages, the product won several national design awards, and has a large number of technical and design patents. We establish close cooperation with foreign design studio, and gradually formed own brand style. Unique product design, exquisite workmanship, fashionable and elegant style, especially the printing, the perfect presentation of jacquard, which all format the beautiful style with modern special, creating a perfection home products.
Equipment and technology
Our company has the world's leading production equipment, complete supporting process equipment, sophisticated testing equipment and independent team of engineers. In recent years our company innovated in the vulcanization, printing, flocking, transfer and other aspects, and constantly inject new technology, new materials, especially the unique thermal transfer technology, and walked in the forefront of the domestic industry, which win the high degree of recognition and praise of majority users. 
Printing workshop:
Our company has the world's most advanced German Heidelberg Subaru four-color offset press which has a high degree of automation, easy operation, high standard accuracy to meet customers’ requirements for quality of the printing, delivery time, production technology,etc. greatly improved company's production efficiency and printing quality.
Flocking workshop:
Our company has the only one of domestic most advanced flocking production lines and finishing equipment, in accordance with market demand for the development of high technological content, innovative and practical flocking products, leading the development trend of the industry.
Heat transfer shop:
Our company hammers at further research and development of heat transfer products technology for more than 10 years and has advanced complete sets of equipment and domestic leading counterparts in the transfer technology. The transferred products have features of three-dimensional feelings, colorful, washable, light, high stability and so on.
Authoritative certification:
Our company passed the ISO international quality system certification, the Chinese environmental protection carpet product certification, with hundreds of utility model patents and design patents and other honors. Company components to play our own talent and technological advantages with scientific and effective management tools, making the product style, quality, taste lead the international trend, so that every family feel the craft, enjoy life.234123.jpg