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Bohan Craft is listed in the first batch of "super factories" in Zhejiang by Alibaba

On the afternoon of December 24, the opening ceremony of the Ningbo Operation Center of the Alibaba Origin Development Division and the awarding ceremony of the founding members of the Zhejiang Manufacturing "Super Factory" program were grandly held in Ningbo Pan Pacific Hotel.





Zhejiang's first batch of "super factories" are listed, and each of the four cities in Wenjin, Yongtai and Jincheng has a target of 100


At the beginning of this year, Zhejiang Province and Alibaba jointly launched the Zhejiang Manufacturing "Super Factory" program, and the launch ceremony was held on March 26. The “Super Factory” selected 4 cities in Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jinhua, and Taizhou in the first batch, which are oriented to Zhejiang manufacturing and consumer enterprises with a certain scale, including the Each city aims to cultivate 100 "super factories".


On the afternoon of the 24th, dozens of heads of Ningbo enterprises, including Zhuoli Electric, Bohan Technology, etc., gathered together. Their common label was "Made in Ningbo".


To be the first batch of founding members of Alibaba's "C2M Super Factory" program in Zhejiang Province, they must be representative companies with strong strength, deep qualifications or outstanding influence in their respective sub-industries and fields.


After being screened and inspected by a third-party inspection agency, these dozens of companies have stood out from many companies with their outstanding industry influence and strong comprehensive strength, and have been selected as the "Super Factory" plan to favor and focus on training and support Object.


Next to the 1688 store names corresponding to these super factories, there will be an enviable "super factory" purple gold logo, which is a full affirmation of the company's reputation and strength, and can give consumers and purchasers more adequate protection.



The first batch of "Super Factory" founding member company representatives (partial) awarded the license




The first batch of "Super Factory" founding member company representatives (partial) awarded the license



According to Chen Sheng, general manager of Alibaba's 1688 Origin Development Center, the core of the "Super Factory" plan is to assist companies in building operational capabilities through the official origin operation center. From the three major scenarios of wholesale, customization, and retail, to create market digital channels to achieve sub-factory Goods arrive at the label and then to the brand’s incubation upgrade.





Alibaba will use the three major linkages of Taobao’s daily specials, specials APP and Alipay to attract traffic. The two major IPs of "Ace of Origin" and "Factory Direct Purchase Festival" will be displayed in a concentrated manner to provide four major services to "Super Factory" cultivation objects, including precision planning , One-stop full life cycle marketing, supply chain services, financial services, etc., to help Zhejiang enterprises improve their comprehensive competitiveness.



Ningbo Bohan Technology is among the founding members of the first batch of super factories


Ningbo Bohan Crafts Co., Ltd., as a senior enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of home art floor mats for 15 years, was invited to participate in the licensing ceremony as one of the founding members of the "Super Factory" that day.





Yan Weijun, general manager of Bohan Technology, said: Crisis is always accompanied by opportunities. Despite the impact of the epidemic and trade war, the brand competitiveness of Zhejiang and Ningbo is still strong. The epidemic has given birth to the need for digital transformation of traditional companies. Alibaba's strong technical strength and data analysis capabilities can help companies discover opportunities, increase revenue and reduce expenditure.


She feels very honored to be included in Alibaba's "Super Factory" program. It is not only a recognition of the company's long-term development, but also a great opportunity to improve progress. This benefited from the long-term layout and strong support of the Zhejiang and Ningbo municipal governments. I hope to take this opportunity to build the company into a super factory with more core competitiveness.




Establishment of Ningbo Operation Center of Alibaba Origin Development Division

According to the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement signed by the Ningbo Municipal Government and Alibaba Group in May this year, Alibaba will carry out a series of cooperation with Ningbo on 8 specific projects in five major areas, including the construction of Alibaba Ningbo Company and Ningbo Ali Center, and the construction of Ali Yunxin Manufacturing Innovation Center, the implementation of "Chunlei Plan 2020" in Ningbo, etc.

On June 28 this year, Ningbo Ali Center was inaugurated in Yongshuiqiao, Haishu District. On August 11, Alibaba Ningbo was registered and established. The strategic cooperation between Alibaba and Ningbo City is advancing at the speed of the rocket.


At the meeting yesterday, the Ningbo Operation Center of Alibaba's Origin Development Division was officially announced.


It can be said that the Ningbo Operation Center is another "Whampoa Military Academy" that helps Ningbo enterprises to develop the e-commerce market; transform and develop the domestic market; and incubate and cultivate their own brands.

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