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The Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation and Development Forum was held in Beijing. Bohan Technology accepted the commendation. Puyuan mats became the designated gifts of the conference

On September 6, 2021, the "Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation and Development Forum" was grandly held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. Six academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academy of Sciences represented by Academician Chen Qingquan, and five carbon neutral planning and technology from Europe and the United States Experts in the fields of certification, certification, outstanding business representatives and other guests and scholars have a lively discussion on China’s ambitious goal of "achieving carbon peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060". A constructive plan for the sustainable development of China's ecological environment in the coming decades.

Address by Dr. Bai Minghao, Commercial Counselor of the Austrian Embassy in China

China's special envoy for climate change affairs Xie Zhenhua sent a congratulatory letter to the conference to congratulate the successful convening of the "Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation and Development Forum".

The forum was co-hosted by Zhong'an Peace Holding Co., Ltd., International Academician Science and Technology Innovation Center, and Globalization Cooperation Foundation, and co-organized by the China-Europe Association for Economic and Technical Cooperation and the Digital Economy and Digital Trade Professional Committee of the China World Trade Organization Research Association. This is the first international forum in the field of carbon neutrality with the theme of "international cooperation" in China.

In addition to wonderful speeches by well-known scientists and academicians, the forum also held the unveiling ceremony of the "Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation Scientist Collaboration Center" and issued the "Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation Forum Declaration".

Adhere to the concept of home environmental protection
Puyuan mats are stunning at home and abroad
As the supporting unit of this forum, Ningbo Bohan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. has the dual identities of "Designated Carpet Supplier for China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai" and "Designated Gift Sponsor of Carbon Neutrality International Cooperation Development Forum" with its own brand Puyuan Home furnishing made a grand appearance in front of Chinese and foreign guests.

The organizer of the forum awarded certificates of honor to outstanding enterprises such as Ningbo Bohan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

This forum was broadcast live on many online platforms such as "Beijing Time" and "Today's Toutiao", and received the attention and praise of a large number of netizens. Netizens who watched the live broadcast can learn about Ningbo Expo through about 3 minutes of promotional video. The development history of Han Crafts Co., Ltd.

Recycling rubber resources and turning waste into treasure
Small floor mats help save energy and reduce emissions

It was not accidental that Ningbo Bohan Craft received the invitation from the organizer to finally choose to become the sponsor of this carbon neutral international cooperation development forum, but because of the consistent green environmental protection concept of the company over the years.

As a company that has been deeply involved in the field of home art floor mats for nearly 20 years, Bohan Craft's products have been exported to developed countries such as Europe and the United States for many years. It has accepted the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and green earth earlier, and has very strict requirements for product safety, health and environmental protection. strict. Not only has passed the ISO9001 system certification, but also has been strictly in accordance with the quality inspection standards of developed countries such as Europe and the United States to accept export inspections to ensure the quality of the products.

As early as 2013, Bohan Craft obtained the China Environmental Carpet Certificate issued by the Carpet Professional Committee of China Arts and Crafts Association.

Most consumers know that for the health and safety of their families, floor mats or carpets placed at home must be non-toxic and harmless, but many people do not know that carpets can also be green and environmentally friendly, and can save energy and reduce energy consumption. 

In fact, environmental protection is not only reflected in the non-toxic and harmless products, but also in the recycling of resources.

Among the main export products of Ningbo Bohan, particle non-woven fabric floor mats and particle flocking outdoor art mats and other series of products, the bottom materials are all rubber particles made from waste tires after pulverization. The floor mat products made from this raw material have excellent wear resistance, non-slip, moisture-proof and mildew-proof characteristics, and are deeply loved by fashionable and environmentally friendly people at home and abroad.

Rubber products such as waste tires belong to a large category of solid waste. With the rapid development of the automobile industry and transportation industry, the amount of waste tires produced is increasing year by year, which brings huge pressure to the environment. At the same time, my country is also very scarce of rubber resources. In countries, about 80% of natural rubber and nearly half of synthetic rubber rely on imports.

However, waste tires are also usable resources. They are recyclable polymer materials. After processing, they have great use value. They can reduce a lot of waste rubber pollution every year, save a lot of resources, and can also reduce carbon emissions and help Energy saving and emission reduction, and the development of a circular economy. Therefore, the realization of recycling, processing and utilization of waste tires and other rubber products is one of the concerns of all countries in the world.

Puyuan mat becomes a designated gift for the forum
Anti-fatigue mats make a stunning appearance

It is worth mentioning that the official designated gifts given to Chinese and foreign guests at this forum are the anti-fatigue multifunctional floor mats independently developed and produced by Bohan. Its excellent performance, soft touch and exquisite patterns made every guest who received a gift praised.

This new type of floor mat, which is currently sold in European and American markets, is made of PU, PVC and other foam materials. It is soft to the touch, excellent in elasticity, moisture-proof, waterproof, non-slip, and pressure-resistant. It can be placed in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom at home. It can reduce the fatigue of the human body and protect human tissues such as joints and ligaments. It is especially suitable for the elderly and parents who have been busy in the kitchen for a long time. It is also very suitable for young white-collar workers who work for a long time in the office. It can relax muscles and reduce stress.

What is "carbon peak"/"carbon neutral"?

Carbon peak refers to my country's commitment to no longer increase carbon dioxide emissions before 2030, and gradually reduce after reaching the peak.

Carbon neutrality refers to the calculation of the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced directly or indirectly by enterprises, groups or individuals within a certain period of time, and then through plant afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., to offset their own carbon dioxide emissions to achieve carbon dioxide" zero emission".

At present, nearly 130 countries have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality around the middle of this century. European countries are mainly European countries that have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality earlier. Among them, Austria and Germany pledged to achieve carbon neutrality in 2040 and 2045 respectively. The European Union, developed Asian countries, Japan, South Korea, and the BRIC countries Brazil have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Carbon neutrality will bring about a major technological revolution and industrial change to the world, and the original production, life and thinking modes of mankind will be changed. Achieving the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" has become an important part of my country's sustainable development strategy, as well as an important part of the global response to climate change and sustainable development.

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