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Warmly celebrate the official listing of Bohan Technology in Ningbo Equity Exchange Center!

On the afternoon of June 14, the centralized listing ceremony of the second phase of Ningbo Equity Exchange (Ningbo Stock Exchange) in 2022 was held. Ningbo Bohan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd., an enterprise in Qianwan New Area, raised its hammer and sounded the gong and successfully listed.
Chasing the wave capital market is an important "one child" of Bohan on the road of rapid development. As a domestic first-class floor mat product enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Bohan's products cover outdoor art mats, Indoor art mats, multi-functional anti-fatigue mats, carpets, yoga mats, etc., with tens of thousands of designs, has developed into a first-class global provider of comprehensive home functional and technological solutions, and the products are exported to the United States, Europe, and Japan And other places, and stationed in a number of internationally renowned chain supermarkets, with an average annual output value of tens of millions of dollars.
Anchoring the "soul of innovation", Bohan "spare no effort" in the construction of intellectual property rights such as technology research and development, patents, and designs. In the eyes of everyone, the lack of technical content has always been a common phenomenon in the floor mat industry, but Bohan's floor mat products are full of "black technology". In the research and development of new products, the company has launched outdoor moisture-proof art mats using new materials and technologies, which further expands the application scenarios of the products. Several new products, such as green and environmentally friendly recycled sponge anti-fatigue pads that have obtained national patents, have also expanded the quality and technical advantages of the products. It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of patents of enterprises will exceed 70.
Good branches bear good results. In addition to being awarded as a national high-tech enterprise, a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise, and a famous export brand in Ningbo, Bohan has also been awarded the title of "China Pavilion at the 2020 Dubai World Expo." "Designated Carpet Supplier" and the designated gift supplier of the 2021 Beijing "Carbon Neutral International Cooperation and Development Forum", Qianwan Zhizao appeared at home and abroad.
"Adhering to green and low-carbon development and building an environmentally friendly future home is our 'foundation of enterprise'." Yan Yijun, general manager of Bohan Technology, said that the company is currently building a photovoltaic power generation transformation project, which will further improve its own green and clean energy utilization rate. Some new products also use patented technology to recycle and process common wastes such as sponges, which can not only turn waste into treasure, but also greatly reduce the pollution of waste to the environment, creating a healthier and more environmentally friendly life for more Chinese and foreign families.

It is reported that the companies listed on the Ningbo Stock Exchange will further enhance their financing capabilities, and their comprehensive management level, market influence and reputation will also be further enhanced. Information disclosure requirements and other aspects are more down-to-earth, and through the incubation and incubation in Ningbo Stock Exchange, it can also lay a solid foundation for IPO in the future. Currently, there are 52 companies listed on the Ningbo Stock Exchange in Qianwan New Area, of which 8 are newly listed this year, hitting a new half-year high. In terms of category, it covers traditional manufacturing enterprises, technology incubators, wholesale and retail enterprises; in terms of industry, it mainly covers semiconductors, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, electronic and electrical, etc.

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