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Puyuan Home Furnishing Appears at DOMOTEXasia/CHINAFLOOR

On March 24, DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR China International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

With a total exhibition area of ​​200,000 square meters, 1,800 exhibitors, 8 exhibition linkages jointly opened the grand curtain of construction and decoration.

Bohan Craft brings its own brand stunning appearance

In the W3 hall, led by the general manager Yan Weijun, Ningbo Bohan Crafts and its own brand Puyuan Furnishings appeared on the G01 booth as usual. The booth is located in the central core area of ​​Hall W3, and it is a long-term exclusive fixed booth of Bohan Craft.

For more than ten years, Bohan Craft has participated in the exhibition almost every year, and has become a key cooperative exhibitor of the exhibition, as well as a key viewing target of domestic and foreign merchants and partners.

The creative space of 126 square meters, designed by internationally renowned design masters, has stunning shapes and is one of the most distinctive theme booths in the entire W3 hall.

The warm and soft light, sweeping away the cold and dampness of the heavy rain in the morning, the merchants who come to the exhibition feel cordial and relaxed. The variable-level space design, independent and free pattern, exudes the warmth and comfort of home.

Bold colors on the ground and walls, artistic wall design, innovative thinking that combines concepts and functions, instantly attracted the attention of audiences and exhibitors in the museum.

The Puyuan Home Furnishing brand was founded in 2015, and has always focused on the design and development of home art mats and functional mats. In line with the brand development concept of "layers of care, step by step care", Puyuan Home aims to provide consumers with healthier, fashionable and environmentally friendly quality choices, build beautiful homes, and carry a better life.
In this exhibition, many types of products under the Puyuan Home Furnishing brand were presented to the audience. In addition to rubber flocking series, anti-fatigue series, NR (natural rubber) series and other long-cultivating products, this year also appeared for the first time this year, latex anti-fatigue, diatom mud bathroom mats, new PU anti-fatigue mats, new anti-fatigue chef mats, Retro tapestries and many other fashionable and new products made of new materials and techniques.

On the first day of the exhibition, merchants came to the booth of Puyuan Home Furnishing to learn about the product performance and quotation. Many merchants immediately chose the model to place an order on the spot after discovering their satisfactory products. Among them, the existing Puyuan Long-term The classic products produced also include some new products with fashion trends and market forward-looking.

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As we all know, affected by the global epidemic, the prices of raw materials in the manufacturing industry have generally risen sharply, and the prices of products have also risen. Manufacturers and traders are facing tremendous pressure.

In this general environment, in order to protect the interests of partners, Bohan Crafts has demonstrated the great sincerity of an excellent company with a history of more than ten years. Under the pressure of the daily change of raw material prices, it has formulated a A set of preferential and considerate price plans.

As one of the companies in the field of domestic art floor mats, in 2021, with the support of Ningbo's economic and trade departments at all levels, Bohan Craft will start a strategic cooperation with the "Alibaba Chunlei Plan" based on its own brand Puyuan Home Furnishing. After screening and rigorous inspection, Bohan Craft became one of the first high-quality cooperative enterprise representatives of the "1688 Super Factory Plan" in Zhejiang Province.

At this exhibition, Yan Weijun, general manager of Bohan Technology, said that the impact of the epidemic and changes in the trading environment have brought not only difficulties, but also opportunities. For the strategic transformation and branding of enterprises, some companies have been closely cooperating with Fortune 500 companies for many years. The accumulated experience and technology, as well as the self-adjustment ability to quickly adapt to the new environment are supported. 2021 is the year of transformation and upgrading of Bohan Technology, and it will also be the year of leap forward for Puyuan Home Furnishing.


DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR, the full name of China International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition, is one of the most influential professional floor material exhibitions. It has a history of 23 years and is an annual event that the global floor material industry pays attention to.

As the first exhibition of the global floor material industry in 2021, the successful opening of DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2021 is of great significance. It demonstrates that China is still the most dynamic market in the world. 

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